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On behalf of concerned homeowners the association contacted the Village, County and State regarding the increasing presence of coyotes in our neighborhood. 

Please see the recommendations below.

Recent reports of coyote attacks on small pets have concerned Gurnee residents.  Sightings of coyotes in this area warrant that precautions be taken.  Please follow the safety measures below to reduce the risk of an attack to you or your neighbors: 

  • Do not leave children or pets outside unattended, especially during hours of darkness.
  • Do not leave pet food outside. This invites wildlife into your yard, which may attract animals.
  • Keep your garbage in a storage facility or in a tightly sealed container. Clean garbage cans regularly to reduce residual odors by using hot water and chlorine bleach.
  • Eliminate the availability of birdseed. Coyotes are attracted to the concentration of birds and rodents that come to feeders.
  • If you see a coyote, make loud noises and wave your arms, but DO NOT approach it.

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